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Parkville Heights Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary clinic. We are committed to providing quality care for your pet, in a friendly environment that is also sensitive to the needs of our valued clients. The animal clinic staff are trained to utilize state of the art technology and to provide the best care for each and every pet and owner.

At Parkville Heights Animal Hospital, your pet is your family and our goal is to treat your family as we treat our own. Patients at Parkville Heights Animal Hospital include multiple kinds of small animals. A quick telephone call will not only let you know if the clinic can treat your pet, but will allow you to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

If you would like to contact us about your pet, pet care issues, prices or schedule an appointment please call us at (816) 741-2247 or you can e-mail us at phahpets@live.com
(if e-mail please allow 24 hours for response)

If your pet needs immediate assistance and we are closed, please contact the following emergency centers:

139 NE 91st Street
Kansas City, MO 64155

About us

Parkville Heights Animal Hospital was established in 1969. Dr. Melissa Rose joined the practice in 2001 and purchased the practice in 2006. The clinic relocated to a brand new facility in 2012.

Parkville Heights Animal Hospital has two veterinarians Dr. Melissa Rose and Dr Dianne Barr. They have been serving the Kansas City area for more than 35 years. Both of the veterinarians bring something special to our animal hospital. Dr. Melissa Rose enjoys internal medicine and ultrasound. Dr. Dianne Barr enjoys working with all animals including rabbits, ferrets and wild life.

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Fleas can be a challenge to get rid of. For every adult flea you see, there are 100 more that you don’t see! One adult female flea can lay millions of eggs in her lifetime. The eggs fall off your pet wherever he walks – on the living room carpet, the sofa, the back porch, and even your bed! The eggs will hatch, grow into adult fleas, and climb back on your pet. Using a monthly flea prevention year-round will keep the flea population under control, and will help to get rid of an infestation. Most flea prevention medications also will help to prevent tick bites, so you’re getting a double bang for your medication buck!

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Aggression in Cats - Play Predation
Under stimulation, an excess of unused energy, and lack of appropriate opportunities for play can lead to play-related aggression. This may be exhibited as overly rambunctious or aggressive play, which inadvertently leads to injuries to people. In some cases, the play can include a number of components of the cat's predatory nature including the stalk, pounce, and bite, which can be extremely intense. Although play is usually more common in kittens, it may persist through adulthood, especially in cats under two years of age that are have no other feline companions.

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